21 Blippi Toys That'll Make Kids Go Wild With Excitement!

Keep your rugrats entertained with the latest Blippi toys! With 21 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect toy for your little ones. Exciting and educational, Blippi toys will have your kids learning and having a blast. Get your perfect toy today and keep your kids entertained.

21 Blippi Toys That'll Make Kids Go Wild With Excitement!
21 Blippi Toys That'll Make Kids Go Wild With Excitement!

Attention Parents of toddlers and small children! Let's face it: your rugrats are bouncing off the walls in need of a distraction. And who better to help you out than YouTube star Blippi?

No matter what kind of kids you have, from perfectionists to daredevils, Blippi has toys that’ll get them outside and exercising or having a fun time indoors. Today, we're taking a look at 21 Blippi toys that will make your kids go wild with excitement - and can provide hours of entertainment and learning opportunities for the whole family. So read on and find the perfect toy to keep your little ones entertained during these trying times.

1) Blippi Mini Vehicles, Including Police Car and Helicopter

Let your child experience Blippi's exciting world of vehicles with the Blippi Mini Vehicle Set! Featuring iconic cars and trucks from beloved Blippi episodes, they can open the back engine, shovel up gravel with the excavator and save the day with the fire truck- all while Blippi is in the driver's seat! These free-wheeling vehicles allow your child to zoom around the room and explore with their favorite character. And the excitement doesn't stop there; we have an extensive range of Blippi plush, vehicles, blinds, and roleplay items available for your little one to enjoy! Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Blippi and his Mini Vehicles!

2) Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack

Unlock the door to your child's education with Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack! Inside each ball pit surprise is one of 12 unique Blippi figures, each holding onto an object that starts with the letter they've just learned. With 4 fun colors for your child to play and learn with, plus building blocks to teach even more letters and shapes, your child will be a master of the alphabet in no time! Plus, every pack also comes with a Blippi learning card to help your child form a better understanding of the words they're building their knowledge on. Get your Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack today!

3) Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack Bundle Learn Shapes and Numbers

Take your child's learning to the next level with the Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack Bundle! With 12 figures to collect, each carrying an object to help them learn and explore numbers, your child will have a blast playing and discovering in the four vibrant colors. And when they're done, there are even building blocks for them to stack up for even more number- and shape-learning fun! Get your child excited about learning and exploring with the Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack Bundle!

4) Blippi Toy Lunch Box 2 Pack, Chef and Zookeeper

It's time to explore and play with the world of Blippi! With the Blippi Toy Lunch Box 2 Pack, your child can take part in their favorite activities with 2 figures and accessories included. They'll also have fun discovering a QR code that takes them to videos inspired by these lunch boxes! From Chef to Zookeeper, your kiddo can enjoy hours of learning, playtime, and storage for their fun with this storage box. It's the perfect addition to any Blippi collection and is easily stored away for another day of imaginative play. So join Blippi in this adventure and get your toy Lunch Box 2 Pack today!

5)  Blippi Mini Vehicles, Including Excavator and Fire Truck

Get ready to explore the world with your favorite friend Blippi! Our new Blippi Mini Vehicles come in two exciting options – the Excavator and Fire Truck – each with a unique feature that will keep your kids entertained for hours. With free-wheeling motion, they can zoom around the room, digging up gravel with their Excavator or raising their ladder to save the day with their Fire Truck. And best of all, each vehicle comes with an exclusive character toy figure seated inside. So join Blippi on his exciting adventures by getting your own set of Blippi Mini Vehicles today!

6) Blippi Mini Vehicle, Including Dump Truck and Monster Truck

Get ready for free-wheeling fun with the Blippi Mini Vehicle Collection! This exciting set of cars and trucks are inspired by popular Blippi episodes, and each one has its own unique features that your child will love. tThe Monster Truck can drive on two wheels just like a real monster truck, and the Dumpster truck can tilt up to throw away trash. Plus, each vehicle comes with an adorable Blippi character seated inside. These mini vehicles are perfect for young children as they zoom around the room and explore a world full of learning fun!

7) Blippi Mini Vehicles, Including Blippi Skid Steer and Blippi Ambulance

Your child will be overjoyed with the Blippi Mini Vehicles—the Skid Steer and Ambulance, both of which come with a Blippi figure inside! They'll love being able to move them around the room, and being able to open and close the back doors of the ambulance. Plus, they get to pretend they are their favorite edutainer, Blippi! And if they want even more Blippi, there's plenty of plush, vehicles, blinds, and roleplay items to choose from. Get ready for hours of adventurous fun!

8) Blippi Recycling Truck

Get ready to take your playtime to the next level with the Blippi Recycling Truck! Perfect for the environmentalist in your family, this truck comes fully loaded with a 2” Blippi figure in a green recycling outfit and super cool hydraulics. Go on adventures with 7 fun Blippi sounds and phrases while picking up and dumping out trash and recyclables. Plus, there's more Blippi toys available-- from plushs and vehicles to blinds and roleplay items, you can extend the fun for hours! Get revved up for some awesome action-packed playtime with Blippi!

9) Blippi Firehouse Playset

Get ready to help save the day with Blippi's Firehouse playset! Put out fires and explore two full floors of realistic equipment, from an exclusive 3-inch Firefighter Blippi figure to a pretend water hose to a hydrant. Keep everyone safe as you spin down the fire pole and grab a hose - there's plenty of pretend fun for the whole family! Add this playset to your collection and look out for other exciting Blippi toys!

10) Blippi Cement Truck

Get your hands on one of the most exciting mini vehicles around - Blippi Cement Truck! This awesome freewheeling vehicle and its matching 2” character construction worker figure will be your toddler's new favorite toy. With a cement tank that spins, this vehicle is loaded with features that make imaginative play even more fun! Your young speedsters will love racing the vehicle around the room and experiencing all the cool features it has to offer. Get your mini Blippi Cement Truck today and watch your little ones explore and create endless fun!

11) Blippi Rocket Ship

Get ready to Blast off with the Blippi Rocket Ship! This unique mini-vehicle is free-wheeling and speedy, perfect for imaginative play. With two cool features-- watch the fire spin on the rocketship! And included with each Blippi feature vehicle is a 2” classic character toy figure of Blippi himself, in his signature bowtie and glasses. Get ready to zoom around and explore the galaxy! Collect all Blippi feature vehicles and figures, and get ready for some fun and exciting adventures!

12) Blippi Recycling Truck - Includes Character Toy Figure & Mini Vehicles, Including Excavator and Fire Truck

Get ready to zoom into an exciting world with your very own Blippi Recycling Truck! This incredible set includes a truck loaded with mini vehicles, including an excavator and fire truck- each with its own unique feature. And don’t forget the 7 Blippi sounds and phrases that will have your environmentalist picking up and dumping out trash and recyclables in no time! Plus, it comes complete with a 3-inch Blippi figure in his green recycling outfit that brings the show to life. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a wide range of other Blippi toys such as plush, blinds and roleplaying items. What are you waiting for? Rev up your engine and join Blippi on this thrilling journey!

13) Blippi Recycling Truck - Includes Character Toy Figure & Costume Roleplay Accessories

Dress like Blippi and explore the great outdoors with the Blippi Recycling Truck! The Blippi figure included comes dressed in a vibrant green recycling outfit, while the accessories add even more fun and excitement to their dress up experience. With 7 exciting sounds and phrases, they'll feel just like their favorite edutainer, plus they can use the clip-on bow tie, suspenders, hats and glasses for easy role-play fun! Get ready to explore and learn the importance of keeping our planet clean with the one and only Blippi Recycling Truck!

14) Retrospec Scout-1 Kids’ Bike, Skate & Scooter Helmet (Youth Ages 1-10 Years Old)

Keep your little ones safe on the go with the Retrospec Scout-1 Kids’ Bike, Skate & Scooter Helmet! This dynamic helmet features 14 air vents to ensure optimum airflow and comfort during long rides. It also boasts a built-in visor to protect your kids from the sun while they explore. Plus, its ergoknob-2 dial and adjustable chin strap allow you to adjust it for the best fit. Tested and approved for 16 CFR Part 1203, this helmet provides excellent impact protection when participating in any of your child’s favorite activities. Get the safety and comfort your child deserves with the Retrospec Scout-1 Kid’s Bike, Skate & Scooter Helmet today!

15) Blippi Toy Construction Vehicles Playset of 4

Get ready to rev up the engines with Blippi’s Mini Vehicles! Kids of all ages can join in on the adventure with Blippi and be part of the action! This 4-piece playset features the popular vehicles from Blippi including: an Excavator, Mobile, Fire Engine Truck, and a Garbage truck -all in a terrific 3-inch size. Open up the rear-engine door and help Blippi lift his ladder as he zips by at high speeds. With Blippi seated inside each vehicle, kids will feel like they are really in control! Don't wait any longer -join Blippi on the ride of a lifetime!

16) Blippi Mini Vehicles, Including Blippi Mobile and Garbage Truck

Get ready for full speed, free-wheeling fun with the Blippi Mini Vehicle 2 pack! Featuring two iconic vehicles from the popular Blippi show-- the Blippi Mobile and Garbage Truck-- your kids will have a blast zooming around any surface. Pop open the rear-engine door of the Mobile and open the back of the Trash Truck to start collecting recycling! With an exclusive character toy figure seated inside each vehicle, your child can bring their favorite Blippi adventures to life! Add some excitement to playtime with the Blippi Mini Vehicles!

17) Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack Bundle

It's time to introduce your child to a world of learning, exploration and fun with the Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack Bundle! This exclusive bundle comes with three packs of figures dressed as animals, such as a dog, a shark, and an iguana. With these figures, your little one can learn about different animals and their unique characteristics. They'll also be able to build blocks and stack them up to identify colors and letters. Best of all, this set is an enjoyable way for your toddler to explore their imagination and make new discoveries. Bring excitement and education into your home with the Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack Bundle today!

18) Blippi Xylophone by First Act

Get ready for a jam session like no other! The Blippi Xylophone by First Act is here to bring the fun to your pre-schooler with 8 keys and 2 mallets. Now your little one can rock out with an authentic musical experience, just like their favorite edutainer, Blippi! With its small size and quality materials, the xylophone is designed to make learning enjoyable and easy. Watch as their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and gross motor skills get better with every chord they play. This educational musical toy will encourage your child's creativity – it’s time to let the music take over!

19) eKids Blippi Book, Toddler Toys

Introducing the ultimate educational toy for toddlers: The eKids Blippi Book! Stimulate your child's creativity and enhance their learning skills with built-in preschool games. With four play modes, this toddler toy lets kids explore colors, shapes, music and sounds, and participate in fun interactive games with the beloved character Blippi. Perfect for car rides, plane rides and anywhere else--the eKids Blippi Book is sure to be your toddlere's favorite new learning tool!

20) Blippi Ukulele by First Act, Featuring

Make music time fun time with the Blippi Ukulele! Featuring your favorite educational entertainer, this 20-inch ukulele is perfectly sized for young hands and encourages kids to express themselves and explore their musical talents. Enjoy the warm, full-bodied sound that only nylon strings can provide and delight in watching your little one learn the basics of making music with this educational instrument! Get your Blippi Ukulele today and watch as they develop new skills and creative abilities!

21) Blippi Nighttime Feature Plush

Take a flight of fancy with My Buddy Blippi Nighttime! He's your cuddly companion and source of dreamy inspiration—sleep tight in his embrace, and hear him whisper examples of fun and adventure with 11 unique sounds and phrases. His bold orange & blue pajamas are perfect for the nightlife, whether it's time to hit the sack or you're planning a stay up pajama party. With My Buddy Blippi Nighttime by your side, it's your dreams that will reach new heights!

There's no denying it – Blippi toys make for a great gift for kids who love learning and having fun!

Whether you're looking for an educational toy or something to provide hours of entertainment, Blippi has you covered. With 21 toys to choose from, finding the perfect one for your little ones should be easy. So, why wait? Get your child a new Blippi toy today, and watch as they go wild with excitement!

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