Horrifyingly Sweet - Horror Themed Valentine’s Gifts

Surprise your special someone with something spooky and unexpected with horror themed Valentine’s gifts! We’ll show you some of the best horror themed Valentine’s gifts that will make your heart skip a beat.

Horrifyingly Sweet - Horror Themed Valentine’s Gifts
Horrifyingly Sweet - Horror Themed Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine's Day is a time for celebrating love and showing your affection to that special someone. However, if you're looking to give something unique this year, why not think outside the box and explore horror themed Valentine's gifts?

Horror themed gifts can be great fun and make a perfect present for those who appreciate the macabre.

Women's in This House We Halloween Horror Movies Characters

If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to shop, look no further than this Canvas Tote Bag. Made of 100% cotton, it's super sturdy and durable, soft and washable – so you can use it over and over again! With its generous size of 15.8 x 13. Featuring some of your favorite slasher movies, this tote bag is sure to turn heads.

Halloween Couple Coffee Mug - Her Jack His Sally

Are you in a relationship that needs a little spark of Halloween magic? Our Jack and Sally Mugs are the perfect way to bring some enchantment into your coffee routine. These unique mugs celebrate Tim Burton's iconic The Nightmare Before Christmas characters, with each mug featuring one of them - making it the ideal gift for couples who love the movie. Not only do they look great together, but they also provide a practical and stylish solution to your morning cup of joe.

Aigori Halloween Coffee Mug (11 oz), Heat Sensitive Color Changing Zombie

Grasp hold of this Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug and begin your journey into the world of zombie-lovers as you watch in awe as a scary zombie gradually appears when the mug warms up! Perfect for anyone who loves a good fright, this ceramic mug will keep all your favorite hot drinks, such as coffee, tea or cocoa at just the right temperature. Not only does it look great on display but its heat sensitive design also provides an element of surprise to any gathering.

Slasher Moive Work Search Book: Vol. 1

Do you love horror movies and word searches? Then you’ll be thrilled with this stylish blood red horror movie word search book. Filled with all your favorite slasher movie villains' and victims, this book will bring endless hours of entertainment and fun. With 120 pages of puzzles to solve, it’s the perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for Horror Fans and Movie Fans alike! Challenge yourself by finding phrases from classic slasher films like Psycho and Friday the 13th!

Horror Animals Coloring Book

This Horror Animals Coloring Book is designed to provide an exciting and unique experience for both horror fans and art lovers alike! Whether you’re looking to relax or challenge yourself, this book offers intricate illustrations of your favorite animals transformed into spooky creatures. From the first page, you'll be captivated by the incredibly detailed designs that will transport you into a world of darkness. You can bring these creatures to life with vibrant colors and chill yourself with their eerie presence.

Womens Halloween Party Sweatshirts Zip Up Hoodies Novelty Casual

This skeleton hoodie is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement and express their unique style! The hands are strategically placed on the chest (boobs) area to give it an edgy, modern look. Not only is this hoodie stylish and eye-catching, but it's also made of high quality materials that will last a long time. Keep warm all winter long in this unique piece of clothing which will definitely turn some heads.

No you hang up shirt sweatshirt hoodie long sleeve

Show your love for the classic horror flick 'Scream' with this stylish and comfortable "No you hang up" sweater. This cozy 100% cotton t-shirt is perfect for any slasher movie fan and comes in a variety of colors including black, white, navy, royal, red, purple and Irish green.

I've got your back, support, help, friendship - 11 OZ Coffee Mugs

This ceramic mug is the perfect way to remind yourself and others that you have their back. Whether you're sipping on your morning coffee or tea at work, this mug will bring a smile to your face with its bold statement of support. Its 11 ounce capacity makes it ideal for all hot beverages, while the wide mouth and large C-handle make it comfortable and easy to use every day. Perfect addition to any home kitchen - let everyone know that they can rely on you!

Gothic Cocktail Vintage Dress (Wednesday Addams Inspired)

Take your fashion to a new level of chic with this goth-inspired Wednesday dress. The sleek black material and eccentric cuts give your look an edge, while the mid-length silhouette is perfect for any occasion - from work to parties. You'll love the ruffled collar and back pleats, which add texture and unique details that will make you stand out in any crowd. Plus, all sleeves are detachable in case you want a more minimal look.

Skeleteen Black and White Socks

Have you been looking for a unique way to show off your spooky style? Look no further than our Wednesday inspired goth socks! With their classic black and white stripe pattern, these knee-high socks are the perfect addition to any Wednesday Addams look. Not only will they add a touch of edginess to any wardrobe, but their soft cotton blend ensures that you can wear them all day in total comfort.

I Am Smiling Cosmetic Bag (Wednesday Addams Inspired)

Make a statement with this adorable "I'm am smiling" cosmetic bag inspired from the hit Netflix show Wednesday. Perfect for any fan of the series, this stylish and eye-catching accessory is sure to turn heads wherever you go! Store your beauty essentials safely and in style using the spacious center compartment, two front pockets, and an interior zip pocket perfect for stowing away those pesky lipsticks.

Horror themed Valentine’s day gifts are a unique way to show your special someone that you care.

Whether you opt for a classic horror movie or something more modern, this type of gift can demonstrate your appreciation for the person in your life. Furthermore, these gifts do not have to be expensive and can even be homemade. Demonstrating thoughtfulness and creativity with a horror-inspired gift is sure to make for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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