Super Spooky Squishy's - Check Out These Halloween Squishmallows!

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween gift? Look no further than our top 17 picks of Halloween Squishmallows!

Super Spooky Squishy's - Check Out These Halloween Squishmallows!
Super Spooky Squishy's - Check Out These Halloween Squishmallows!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate the spooky season than with a festive Halloween Dragon Squishmallow?

Halloween is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate the spooky season than with a festive Halloween Squishmallow? These squishy, cuddly creatures come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny pumpkins to gigantic ones. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself this Halloween season, we have compiled our top 17 picks of Halloween Squishmallows.

Emily The Bat Plush Doll Toy: A Squishmallow Halloween Adventure

Embark on a magical trick-or-treat adventure with Emily the Bat Squishmallow! She’s a soft, huggable 8-inch doll perfect for cuddling up with on those spooky nights. Crafted from high quality plush material in Halloween green and black colors, she features adorable bat wings and sparkly silver eyes that will bring your imagination to life!

Green with Envy: The Story of the Oogie Boogie Squishmallow

Introducing the Oogie Boogie Squishmallow: the perfect addition to your Halloween decor! This green-hued, spooky character is sure to bring a unique color and texture to your holiday decorations. Not only will this Squishmallow look great in any Halloween display, but it's also an incredibly fun and soft plush toy that you can cuddle, love and play with. It's lightweight yet durable construction ensures maximum comfort while its extra cushioning provides hours of squeezing pleasure.

Johanna The Cauldron - A Journey Through the Land of Soft and Fuzzy Plush

Welcome to the magical world of Johanna The Cauldron, filled with soft and fuzzy Squishmallows just in time for Halloween! With our exclusive collection of festive-themed Squishmallow plush toys, your little ones can experience the thrill of trick-or-treating all year round. Our cuddly companions are perfect for playing games, snuggling up after a long day, or even as decorating pieces during the spooky season.

Riba the Squishmallows Pumpkin: A Tale of Friendship and Adventure

Introducing Riba the Squishmallows Pumpkin - a story of friendship and adventure! Whether you're snuggling up in bed or playing tag in the yard, Riba the Squishmallows Pumpkin brings joy and creativity to any room. This cute stuffed pumpkin is made from ultra-soft plush materials that offer maximum comfort for cuddles and hugs. There's even a secret pocket inside where your little one can hide treats or trinkets!

A Squishmallow's Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington

This Halloween, give the gift of a Squishmallow's Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington! This adorable plush toy is perfect for kids and adults alike who want to add some festive yet spooky fun to their homes. With its soft and cuddly finish, this Squishmallow will surely bring joy and comfort into your home. Not only is it great for giving hugs but you can also play with it over and over again.

The Curse of the Voodie: A Squishmallow Halloween Story

Curse the night no more! This Halloween, transport yourself to a world of supernatural wonders with the Curse of the Voodie: A Squishmallow Halloween Story. Featuring 8” plush dolls of a charming Vampire, Witch and Bat, this delightful set will give your children hours of imaginative play. With their soft and cuddly fabric, these Squishmallow characters are perfect for snuggles during dark autumn evenings spent indoors.

Phylo and the Squishmallows 2022 Halloween Day of The Dead Squad

Celebrate the spookiest time of year with Phylo and the Squishmallows 2022 Halloween Day of The Dead Squad! This 8" plush doll toy is sure to become a favorite holiday companion. It's full of unique details, like colorful decorations, vibrant embroidery, and intricate stitching that make it as fun to look at as it is to hug. Its soft fur material provides an incredibly snuggly embrace while its big eyes provide lots of sweet expressions.

Hauntingly Cute: The Squishmallows Official Kellytoy Halloween Collection - Calio Black Cat Pumpkin Costume, 8 Inch

Get ready for Halloween with our limited edition Squishmallows! These 8-inch plushies are bursting with festive charm and spooky cuteness. Crafted from soft material, these adorable dreadfully delightful Squishmallows are perfect for any true horror fan. Featuring a black cat pumpkin costume design – complete with glittery eyes – this collection is sure to bewitch everyone who sees it!

Squishmallows 2022: Unveiling the Day of the Dead Squad 8 and Bart the Bat Plush Doll Toy

Bring the magic of Halloween year-round with the newest spooktacular addition to the Squishmallow squad – introducing the Day of the Dead Squad! Featuring Bart, a soft and cuddly bat who is ready to become your new best friend. Crafted with high quality materials and designed for maximum squishability, this plush doll toy is perfect for keeping you company at night or brightening up any room in your home!

Delie the Candy Corn Bat: A Squishmallow Halloween Adventure

Welcome to the world of Squishmallow Halloween fun with Delie the Candy Corn Bat! This delightful and unique Squishmallow is an absolute must-have for kids and adults alike this spooktacular season. With its soft and cuddly fabric, it's perfect for snuggling up during those extra chilly nights while creating lasting memories with loved ones. Not only that, but its bright colors, smiling face and adorable bat wings will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Sally the Squishmallow: A Halloween Tale of Friendship

Sally the Squishmallow is a Halloween-themed plush toy that will make for an unforgettable addition to any home! The soft and cuddly Sally rag from The Nightmare Before Christmas is sure to delight kids of all ages and bring plenty of fun, love and friendship. Whether you're snuggling it up during movie night or taking her along on adventures, this spooky yet huggable Squishmallow will be the perfect companion.

Gio The Gargoyle: A Halloween Dragon Squishmallow Adventure

Introducing Gio The Gargoyle, a Halloween Dragon Squishmallow Adventure! This cuddly creature will become your favorite Halloween companion this season. Featuring ultra-soft and high-quality materials, Gio is bound to bring comfort and companionship for years to come. With his friendly nature and majestic wings, Gio will help you have the best Halloween ever!

The Squishmallows of Halloween: A Vampire Witch Bat Saga (Set of 6)

Halloween has never been so fun! Introducing the Squishmallows' Vampire Witch Bat Saga – a set of six delightful, huggable 5" plush dolls that will fly into your heart and light up your home. These mischievous mini-monsters are perfect for cuddling, collecting, trading and gifting as they make perfect additions to any Halloween collection.

Cam The Cat Squishmallows Halloween 2022 Squad 8" Plush Doll Toy

This Halloween, make sure to get your hands on the ultra-cute and cuddly Cam The Cat Squishmallows Halloween 2022 Squad 8" Plush Doll Toy. He's a part of an exclusive Halloween squad that only comes around once in a lifetime! With his soft fur, big eyes and warm embrace, you'll feel like you've stepped into another world. His true-to-life details will make him your kid's favorite plush friend this holiday season.

Cuddling with Alva: A Squishmallow Halloween Tale

Alva the Coffin is an adorable Squishmallow who makes for the perfect Halloween companion. This grey coffin-shaped plush comes with a special surprise - each arm has a pocket that holds two mini pumpkins! These little accessories add to Alva's spooky flair and make him great for cuddles. He's soft yet firm, making him suitable as both a pillow and cushion - so you'll never be alone during those spooky October nights.

Black cat with Lollypop Squishmallow

Welcome spooky season with this delightful Black Cat with Lollypop Squishmallow! An adorable addition to any Halloween collection, its ultra-soft plush material makes it perfect for cuddles and hugs. Not only is it sweetly designed, but its oversized head and arms make it a great pillow companion too. Perfect for trick or treaters of all ages, get ready to celebrate the most fun holiday of the year with the Black Cat with Lollypop Squishmallow!

Prince The Watermelon Pug: A Journey of Self-Discovery

This Halloween season, get ready for cuddles and coziness with Prince the Watermelon Pug! The newest Squishmallow is a lovable pup made of incredibly soft fabrics and filled with marshmallow-like stuffing. With happy eyes, a vibrant green nose, and sweet watermelon smiley face pattern, this plush toy is perfect for snuggling up in bed or playing games on the bedroom floor.

Halloween is a great time to show your love for Squishmallows with these top 17 picks.

Whether you are looking for something cute, cuddly, or just plain spooky, there's something here that will make the perfect gift. With so many different designs to choose from, you can find a dragon Squishmallow that matches anyone’s style. Don't forget to share the magic of Halloween with your loved ones this year - give them a Halloween Squishmallow!

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